Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Purchase CEMA - Possible Deal Maker

As I delve into the many intricacies that is the financial and real estate market I am processing every tidbit I hear and instantly checking the folders in the computer of my mind to see if I can use the information before filing it away for future use.

I also have this habit of getting excited and acting like Columbus - discovering America - when we all know he technically re-discovered it. Take the Purchase CEMA for example. We had an attorney bring that up to us today and we all ooohed and aaahed like it was a heavenly revelation. And you know WAS a revelation to US but as usual I do my research and lo and behold, there are many others that have not only heard about it but put it in practice. Still...there are many out there that do not it's always worth posting it for the benefit of the latter...

Bottom line a real estate professional, IF and WHEN this great tool can be used, it should always be something you keep in the arsenal of weapons against a stubborn deal or weak economy. It can save money to both seller and buyer and really make that difference between getting the deal done or letting it fall through the cracks at one time or another. It is also one of the FEW things you can do that will please EVERYBODY in the transaction, because everyone either saves money or gets paid!

I will leave it to others to explain how it works since they have already written it and pretty well I might add...

Purchase CEMA – posted by Miriam Bernstein

A Guide to Purchase CEMA's

Again, this may not be an option in all cases, but it sure is a great thing to use every time possible. It's more work for the professionals involved, but after all, we ARE here to work towards the best interest of the client aren't we?

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