Saturday, March 21, 2009

Bronx Homes For Sale

So, I have been very busy with the transition from one Realty to another. Have to say, I'm very happy at Exit Realty Van Zandt! Susan is really awesome, a great manager, and mentor - the rest of the crowd is cool too.

I have also recently joined forces with fellow Van Zandt, real estate/mortgage broker Mike Burgos and between the two of us, we are keeping busy with new listings and buyers and all that good stuff.

I am the type of person that not only gets into her work but associates myself so closely with it that I AM it for the moment. What do I mean by that? When I am taking a picture of the new house we are listing, I am the proud mama of the house, taking pics of "my new baby". When I am helping out a buyer in terms of finding them a home (be it an Art Deco, Pre-War coop in Riverdale or on the Grand Concourse or a home in Indian Village or Country Club area of the Bronx) I get into the moment and empathize with them to the point that I become one with the buyer mentally and see what they see and love what they love and hate what they hate in the options I show them...until I find them that PERFECT nook they are in love with and can't wait to call home. Susan says I am MADE for Real Estate...I say "Ya think?!" ;o)~

So, here are my new babies: (CLICK on each to check them out)

2191 Boston Road/Pelham Parkway Bronx NY 10462

3508 Boller Ave Bronx NY 10466

3879 Boston Rd Bronx NY 10466

256 Calhoun Ave Bronx NY 10465

217 Longstreet Ave Bronx NY 10465

I am thinking of doing some tours soon...taking a few listings maybe 8 to 12 of them and putting together a bus tour and having some people come on board to take a's fun stuff!

P.S. Yes I am addicted to those Reality Real Estate shows, including 3Deals On The Bus from TLC and all those shows on the HGTV Channel, dare you to watch and not find it interesting!
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