Friday, November 7, 2008

It's Official!!!

I passed the State! So now I have both tests done on the first shot without paying for those extra sample exam software or tutoring mithingies and I did not even have time to really study just focused on areas I thought I'd need most for real life Real Estate professional use (in school they have a bad habit of focusing on things that are not even practiced in REAL life real estate go figure, hence my uncertainty in terms of whether I'd pass on the first try or not!)

Did I mention I did this one in 20 minutes too? I don't know what it is about that time frame but I guess it makes sense 75 questions, on both tests, 20 minutes on both tests...though the State exam had a few math questions...yes I guessed...I did not even bring a calculator! I wish they told us by how much we passed so I could get an idea what I got wrong...though interestingly enough, I did want to be cautious so did not say anything to anyone so as not to jinx myself, I thought that the state test was easier than the school test overall! I think Exam 605 is the easiest saw some questions other students came back with from Exam 601 and others and it seemed mine was the easiest...hey, I'm not complaining it's all good!

Now it's on to getting the license and I'm ready to go out there and truly learn the ins and outs of the market in the field...

Yes...I am excited!

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