Saturday, October 25, 2008

Politics, Real Estate, etc.

It’s been a few days since I’ve written in my little blog here, but figured after that looooong entry on The Mystery House, a break was necessary. No, actually I have been crazy busy with my job, and school but I have a few blog entries already in my head…just a matter of having some time to put it all down. Will have to get back to it later…

In honor of the constant over saturation of media coverage on the coming elections, I suppose I have to write a little something on politics…

My 7 year old Fiona comes home from school the other day and says, ”Mommy, who are you voting for? John McCain
or Barrack Omama ?” Hey don’t laugh, she was close! I can honestly say I never gave a hoot about politics at 7 years of age…I think I just made it clear I still don’t beyond the unfortunate necessary fact that politics does affect the American quality of life.

I am watching the election coverage on the news and have to wonder. How is McCain better than Obama or vice versa? They both promise the salvation of our country’s sick economy. They promise tax cuts and they promise reforms. Apparently McCain is more of a trickle down effect kind of guy or maybe it’s the stigma of being a Republican?...but a better bet for National Security, while Obama is all about money to the working people but weak on International Policy ... Who the heck is one supposed to believe?

Personally, I cannot bear to vote. In my book, politicians have let us down left and right, year after year…how many of those promises are real and how many are just propaganda? I don’t want to be responsible for the puppet in office so I say people of America…good luck! In the meantime I am hoping the lesser of all evils wins out and we get a little break here and there…

Speaking of propaganda, and back to real estate…

In school we are bombarded with recruiters that come in and promise us they each will be the single best brokerage firm to work with after we get our licenses.

The big firms argue that they are so wonderfully equipped with all the training tools that we could possibly need. The smaller firms claim their “boutiquey” size allows “real 1-on-1” training, aka “hand holding” which of course is an attractive quality to a new salesperson going out into the field. But then with so many large, middle and small companies coming in and out every day…I have to say…I am confused if not a little overwhelmed!

How on earth do I know which is truly going to be the perfect fit for me? Well…all I DO know is that on the 3rd of November I have the New York Real Estate Institue school test and on the 4th , the NY State Real Estate Salesperson Test. THEN comes the moment of truth…I will have to go out there and test the waters and if necessary jump ship from one brokerage to the next until I find the one that fits me like a glove. No, I am not that picky…it’s all about clients, listings, customers, and closings folks. If I get a few of those fairly early in the game…I am one happy camper…until I can afford a house that is. ;o)

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