Friday, October 31, 2008

Down to the wire!

So, in 3 days I have the school test and one day later the state test! Did I mention I HATE tests?!? I am completely capable of understanding concepts, I can even wax poetic or expound on them (note a couple of my previous entries inspired by one class or other)as I go on my journey toward obtaining my license.

But give me a bunkload of information to memorize and regurgitate back on a test just because it's on the test not because it will help me necessarily in real life and I'm LOST! I learn to live - I learn to apply - I don't learn for tests! There IS a difference! Can anyone else understand me?! All I know is I need to pass that test and I need to get to work! So many possibilities ahead and yet I hang in limbo as the coundown continues...I hate waiting but here I am...waiting...

There's a reason I'm supporting Fiona's school's Principal as she goes against the Board of Ed to allow kids to be "tested" on more than just so called "standardized" formats...(who the heck standardizes these things anyway?) I don't have time so I won't even get into the things that do and don't make sense in regards to Laws and standards set at Municipal all the way up to Federal levels...I'll get to it in a later post, I can feel it coming on...for now, there's a little girl that waits for me, so mommy's gotta run...

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