Saturday, February 21, 2009

BEWARE of Foreclosure websites!

There are I'm sure legit websites that DO offer real, and actual foreclosures on their website, and ask you to join them in order to access those listings. I saw a recent post from one agent in NJ however, that I feel is a good idea to post as a little warning. Yes, many people want in on those great deals right now, with the market in the dumps and foreclosures that abound with seemingly no end...before you spend money on a website because you think it's all the same, and there's no need to contact a real estate professional...Read On!

John from NJ wrote:

I had a client call me regarding one of my listings.. she was very upset that her home was showing up on .(the listed home is not in foreclosure) As it turns out, her listing as well as all of my listings and all of my MLS office listings show up on the initial page of this horrible site as a foreclosure!

But, in order to get information, you need to sign up with a credit card. After 7 days they charge you $79.99 per month to search the service.. after you give them the card, ( per the one nasty, brain dead "customer service rep ) the home will show "Not in Foreclosure" listed with a Realtor.

So basically, this company is scamming all of us.. The unsuspecting home buyers looking for a bargain and realtors by taking our listings onto their site to use to suck people into their website.

So...browse with care...and guard that credit card until you've done some reasearch on whatever website you are considering to register with.

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